Our Vision

Nesta Solutions is a software design and development company that provides end-to-end development services for web and mobile. We work on a wide range of technologies ranging from open source to proprietary and custom-built solutions. We have grown from being a group of 4 engineers in a small room to a team of over 30 engineers operating in a worldwide development environment. With years of experience, we have perfected the process, system & technologies that enable us to create high-quality, scalable web and mobile solutions. Our goal is to always have our end products reflect our deep engineering skills and elegant progressive design aesthetic. We fundamentally believe in developing long-term strategic partnerships with our clients by exceeding expectations and a great level of transparency.


Offering the latest software and IT services to our customers

Web Application Development

It is impossible to imagine mobile without the web. We build robust mobile backend as well as develop web applications. With programming and web design experience of years, companies hire us for our expertise in PHP, .NET, Java to build CMS, E-commerce, and business applications

UI/UX Services

The most important part of any application is the user experience. A person using a services may be an internal business user, external partner, end consumer or on the other side of screen.

Product Development

If you have a software product, certainly you will prefer to focus on marketing and selling rather than product development.

Team Augmentation

We offer effective team augmentation services for a variety of complex, IT-related projects for your company, that can promote technological growth and development.

Open Source Services

Open Source services mean freedom – complete visibility, support for industry standards, and the ability to pick and choose the code that best meets your requirements.

Devops & Server Management

We help organizations, large and small, understand their DevOps needs and then assist them to align their Development and Operations teams to achieve better efficiency to ultimately achieve faster time to market.

Patners & Expertise

How we Works

Plan & Strategy

Gather client’s requirements, Analysis of requirement, Budgeting, Proposal submission,Project acceptance, Resource allocation, Project Timeline & FS Documentation


User Experience Design, HTML/CSS, Front-end & UI/UX Testing


Back-end, Source Code, Database, Third Party Integrations, Deployment on Staging Server & Unit Tests

Release Process

Change Requests, Delivery, Production Deployment , Client Training /Documentation, Maintenance & Support

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